Islander sketch v2

Hi all,

Here's the final sketch stage for the Islander - Hawaiian geckoes - pic. The colour scheme will be heavily primary colours with strong saturated tones, if it all turns out according to plan. Some backlighting on the geckoes from the setting sun should be a nice touch. Who doesn't like working with backlighting? Anyway I digress.

Hope you're all doing well and thanks for viewing :)


P.S. If the boat looks strange that's because it's half a coconut.

Islander concept

Hi everyone,

My apologies upfront: I’ll find it very difficult to engage with the group. I’m snatching time here and there during work breaks, to post updates etc. I’ll try to keep up-to-date with how everyone’s pictures are coming along (and so far the concepts look great), but my sincere apologies if I can’t comment. I don't have the net at home so work breaks are my only opportunity to post stuff and comment.

That being said, I look forward to the pleasure of working with such a talented bunch again! My concept and rough sketches are below.


Islander concept
Setting: Hawaii- the beach, the surf, coconuts and all the other stereotypes

Species: geckoes, with other marine life like seabirds and fish in attendance. Note: all  7 species of gecko in Hawaii are presumed to have been introduced by various Polynesian cultures over time. However I still think it’s entirely appropriate to illustrate geckoes. After all isn’t it part of the nature of island biogeography that much of their biodiversity has been introduced via one way or another? I also think it reinforces the fact that the picture won’t be a snapshot into the past, since the Hawaiian culture is constantly evolving.

Picture theme/ activity: extreme multi-tasking! Fire-eating while surfing, or playing a ukulele while boating in a coconut shell? Now that takes skill, especially the fire/water mix! Fire-eating doesn’t seem to be a “native to Hawaii” activity but my comment above applies here too. Geckoes would be best at eating fire while surfing due to their ‘sticky’ feet.

Look/ feel of the picture: bright sunlight, with an emphasis on bold, primary colours - fun and danger combine at the beach! (Might add a volcano in the background to 'subtly' reinforce the danger aspect, if this won't crowd the picture.)


Sea serpent

*facepalm* I'm so sorry about missing the deadline for this part of the processes. DragonCon ate up my time.

Ugh... My WIP's always look like horrible messes. I'm just trying to slap color on the layers before adjusting the hues and beginning to take the painting process more seriously. Any suggestions/help/ would be greatly appreciated. I can't wrap my brain around color right now.
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Anthro Calendar is now on Facebook

I've been meaning to make a fan page on Facebook for a little while, and I finally did today. :) Hopefully this will get a some more traffic simply due to facebook's virus like way of spreading news.

Suggest it to your friends if you've got a FB account.

Also, feel free to add me if you want. Originally I was keeping my friends limited to only people I knew IRL, not online, but I'm over that now that I know I can sort everyone into groups. :p

Archelon- critique requested please

Hi everyone,

I hope you're well and have enjoyed your weekend- depending on your time zone you may still be enjoying it!

Fine weather has meant I've gotten lots done on my Archelon picture. Typical- the first lovely weekend for a month and I'm indoors! My progress is at the end of this post (it's not finished yet). The camera flash shows at the bottom of the image, and the actual painting is more green/ less blue.

If you've got the time, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

What I plan to do:

1. finish armour on main turtle's head
2. paint rear turtle's shell and reflected light patterns on it (like on the main turtle's belly)
3. paint top turtle
4. brighten smoke/ cracks in seabed
5. add fish among the coral, a mosasaur (to establish the prehistoric setting), and maybe a school of fish in the background if it won't look too crowded
6. add reflected red-orange light on turtles/ coral from smoke/ cracks
7. add bubbles from turtle flippers/ mouths, a few coming from the cracks, coming from under a rock etc
8. indicate water surface and light rays
9. sparingly sharpen some background coral (I think it's a bit too fuzzy overall, even taking atmospheric perspective into account)
10. enhance some highlights on main turtle so it stands out
11. the main turtle's neck may need correction as the shadows looks a bit odd
12. fix bottom-right foreground so it doesn't look crap!

Thanks very much for reading, and I greatly appreciate your time and feedback.

Kind regards,